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We are an authorised waste management service provider and render fast, reliable and friendly services in all seven regions of Tshwane as well as Midrand.

Our 3m³ and 6m³ bulk containers are for hire on weekly basis.  Rubble, General Waste, Garden Waste or a mixture thereof can be disposed and do we deliver and collect containers on Mondays to Saturdays.

Set standard for quality service

Give good value for money

Sustainable service delivery

what we offer

We are here to take ‘the load’ of your shoulders and will do so in a friendly, prompt and professional manner.  Our main stream system and personnel are highly competent and will efficiently handle your request and deliver!

Our quality service will give you good value for your money and do we recycle and/or dispose in a responsible manner!

How We Work

We deliver our 3m³ and 6m³ containers to various customers such as Residents, Schools, Churches, Developers, Contractors etc.  Rubble, General and Garden waste or a mixture thereof can be disposed in the container.  Recycling options are also available should you wish!

Our services are available on Once-Off or Permanent basis.  The container remains 7 days on Once-Off basis or need to be exchanged every 10 days on Permanent basis.  We charge a VAT included price per bulk container.  Herewith our process –


a.) Receive customer request
b.) Send invoice
c.) Receive payment
d.) Deliver (or exchange) container/s
e.) Collect container within or on day 7


a.) Receive customer request
b.) Send account application form
c.) Receive completed form
d.) Deliver container/s
e.) Exchange container/s within or on day 10
f.) Send statement at end of month
g.) Receive payment and repeat procedure


Delivery, Exchange and Collection takes place as our customer requests and do we even render our services on holidays.

Please complete the Contact Form to receive more information and/or to order a container.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How large are your containers per metre?

A: 3m³ is 1,6m high, 2m long and 1,5m wide and the 6m³ is 1,6m high, 3,5m long and 2m wide.

Q: Can we require for rebate due to being a loyal customer or the quantity containers we are going to order?

A: Unfortunately no – due to Tshwane’s high dumping costs.

Q: What is the maximum height and load you allow per container?

A: Containers may be loaded level to the brim and do we allow a maximum of 7 ton per skip.

Q: Do you take hazardous waste?

A: No. Kindly search online for those companies that are permitted to do so.

Q: What happens with the recyclables should I order a container for that purpose?

A: Our recyclables collected are delivered to our other company, Global Recovering. They are certified by Tshwane and Gauteng to sort and sell.

Q: Can my Once-Off ordered container be exchanged or collected earlier than 7 days?

A: Yes.


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